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In this day and age, where children get much of their primary education from the television, it is crucial to teach manners at an early age. Studies have demonstrated that we are affected by our environment, and manners are what keep the human race civilized in a brutal world. Fortunately, books that emphasize politeness and courtesy will help your child understand themselves and the world around them as well as how to behave in the world. Here are just a few you may want to consider

Top Three Books to Teach Kids to Be Polite

goops and how to be them Goops and How to Be Them: Though it was originally published in 1900, “Goops and How to Be Them” is an endearing rendition of an etiquette template. The author recognizes the naughty child in us all and shows children the difference between goops and not-goops. The re-release of “Goops and How to Be Them” shows that manners transcend all passing of time. It’s an enjoyable, light-hearted read that children will not only laugh at, but learn from. The fantastic rhymes and cute pictures make this an ideal teaching tool not just for the intended age group of 4 – 8, but for kids and parents alike.
be polite and kind Be Polite and Kind: This story is targeted towards a younger audience struggling to master the basic skills of friendship and conversation. The book is filled with charming, colorful illustrations that are entertaining and lessons that will teach children how to play well with others. At the end of each page are four ideas that parents can use to re-enforce the concepts listed within the pages. “Be Polite and Kind” is another book that will teach children necessary life lessons and let them have fun while they are learning. Designed for preschoolers up to first graders, it offers basic concepts absolutely necessary for good behavior.
are you quite polite?: silly dilly manners songs Are You Quite Polite?: Silly Dilly Manners Songs: This playful book features fourteen manners-songs set to familiar tunes. Topics such as sneezing, nose picking, table manners, lateness, and being quite in the library are sung to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,’ and the cartoon work is suitably energetic and chaotic with color and activity. “Are You Quite Polite?: Silly Dilly Manners Songs” is a great book. It allows children to learn without even realizing they are doing it! Created for kindergarteners through third graders, it’s the perfect match for a good lesson on manners. While many adults may not enjoy all of the humor used in this one, kids are likely to understand the message conveyed quite well.

Other Great Children’s Books About Being Polite

let’s be polite Let’s Be Polite: Filled with rhyming verses and brightly colored illustrations, “Let’s Be Polite” is sure to entertain children from the ages of four to eight years of age. The authors were gentle with the wording and illustrations which allows manners to be taught in a low-key, easy to understand way. With every turn of the page, your children will be delighted by the bright colors and precisely drawn pictures, and will be learning all along the way. Designed for kids ages four to eight, it’s part of the larger P.K. Hallinan series on behavior.
polite as a princess Polite as a Princess: At a gentle 24 pages long, it is an easy bedtime story for little princess around four to eight years old. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, and Ariel all make appearances as sweet, polite princesses. In the full-color, exquisitely illustrated book, the Disney princesses share tips on manners and good behavior so all little girls can be polite princesses too. “Polite As A Princess” is a great book for any little girl who idolizes the Disney princesses, since it features each of them in a new light of princess etiquette education.
panda is polite Panda Is Polite: A sweet tempered and charming story. Another easy read, “Panda Is Polite” features a panda bear as the main character. Panda gently teaches children to be polite and friendly in all walks of life. “Panda Is Polite” is a great book to teach toddlers their first virtues in a fun and child – friendly way. At twenty pages long, it makes a short, light read for parents on the go. Part of the First Virtues for Toddlers series, it’s ideal for both younger and older children alike to get a sense of how to behave around others.
what’s polite What’s Polite: Scooter the Pig and his grandparents go out to dinner, and he has to be polite. Lift the flaps to find out exactly how Scooter the Pig should behave at dinner. “What’s Polite” is an adorable book that allows children to interact with the story by lifting the flap to find out what happens next. It teaches kids to behave properly at the table and it’s a lighthearted read as well. Designed for kids ages four to eight, this interactive treasure is a great way to ensure your child is learning the behavior skills necessary in many settings.

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