Children’s books about love are full of sweet stories, unconditional feelings, and genuine emotions that are sometimes difficult to explain to children. The books on this list will warm the hearts of both children and adults alike, as the reader is taken on a journey through the hearts and minds of unique and loving characters.

Top 5 Children’s Books About Love

guess how much i love you Guess How Much I Love You: Children everywhere appreciate the reassurance that their parents will love them forever, no matter what comes their way – and that’s exactly what they’ll get in this charming, classic book. The text utilizes a unique twist on the “I can do anything you can do better,” theme, as Little Nutbrown Hare lists the ways in which he loves Big Nutbrown Hare. No matter how big his feelings, how much he stretches his arms, or how high he hops, he finds that the elder rabbit loves him more. The rabbit illustrations are expressive, adorable, and sweet.
The giving tree The Giving Tree: When it comes to sweet picture books, there isn’t a book you’ll find that’s sweeter than The Giving Tree. It begins when a little boy develops a love for his favorite tree, which brings happiness to both him and the tree. They grow together, share their experiences, and can count on one another completely. As the boy grows older, he must leave the tree to experience his own life. The tree stands alone, and by the time the boy returns, it has nothing left to give to the boy. The sweetness comes when the tree realizes that this time the boy wants nothing more from the tree than companionship.
i love you stinky face I Love You Stinky Face: The team of Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore created this book, which celebrates the joy of unconditional love between parent and child. It focuses on a boy who just knows that there’s something he could do to make his mom stop loving him. His imagination kicks into high gear and he tells her tales about becoming a meat-eating dinosaur, a creature who lives in a swamp, and other sinister tales. No matter how slimy he says he’ll become, or how stinky his imaginary scenarios are, his mother holds fast in her conviction that she will always love him.
snuggle puppy Snuggle Puppy: This is a book that’s really just a big hug between pages. It’s been described as a year-round valentine from a parent to their child, and that’s the perfect description. Any time a child needs to feel their parents love, all they need to do is to open these die-cut pages and get a glimpse of all the joy within. With humor, love, and some surprises, Snuggle Puppy tells the story of a sweet, rhyming and cuddly pooch who sings a song that will get kids humming along. The adorable book ends with a big smooch, which makes it a great choice for a bedtime tale.
love you forever Love You Forever: A classic book first published in 1986, Love Your Forever, has sold more than 15 million copies and has been translated to several languages. It’s touched the hearts of millions of children and their parents, and it all begins with a woman holding her newborn son. She gazes at him lovingly and begins to softly sing that she will love him forever. Of all the picture books on this list, this is one of the most simple, straightforward, and moving books. With the rhymes, the sweet illustrations and the heartfelt message, it’s a simple and subtle book that truly tugs on the heart strings.

Other Great Children’s Books on Love

on the night you were born On The Night You Were Born: Both a New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling book, On the Night You Were Born focuses on the joy that new parents feel the day their child was born. It celebrates the wonder and magic of having a new child, and it celebrates that child. Parents love their children every day of every year until the end of time, but it all begins with the day the child is born. This sweet narrative is a hit with parents, children, grandparents, and everyone else who is impacted when a new child comes into the world.
I Love You Through and Through I Love You Through and Through: Many of the picture books on this list deal with the relationship between a parent and a child, but of course there are many other examples of unconditional love in the world. I Love You Through and Through is about a toddler and his teddy bear. No matter what the toddler’s mood, whether he’s happy, sad, silly, mad, or downright mean, the teddy bear always loves him and is always his friend. It’s told with a slick rhyming cadence that immediately gets the attention of children, and the illustrations are both whimsical and adorable.
mama, do you love me? Mama, Do You Love Me?: This is quite an unusual book, despite the fact that it deals with the universal topic of the love of a parent and a child. In it, a child tests the limits of their own independence and the love of their parents. The journey takes the reader through different cultures, but the theme is always the same: the love of a parent and child is unconditional. It takes place mostly in an Arctic setting, and the illustrations reflect that. You’ll see stunning whales, wolves, sled dogs, and much more. The book also comes with a glossary that teaches readers more about the Arctic lifestyle.
wherever you are: my love will find you Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You: There is no greater gift a parent can give to a child than their love, and this sweet book makes that point quite convincingly. Written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman, Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You is a book that can be shared with children and adults alike. It follows the story of a parents love as it moves and transforms over time. No matter where the child goes, the love is always following close behind. When the child needs comfort, the love is there – no matter how far the child goes or how old they get.
hug Hug: Bobo the Chimpanzee needs a hug. No matter what he does, his friends just don’t seem to understand. He asks everyone he can think of, from chameleons to giraffes, but all they do is shrug and cuddle with their own animal mothers. He continues on his search, and his friends begin to realize that he needs help. Finally, he gets what he needs – in a most unexpected place. Told using only 3 words, acclaimed writer and illustrator Jez Alborough turns a simple story into a compelling one. Creator of books like Where’s My Teddy? and It’s the Bear!, Mr. Alborough has brought yet another example of children’s books about love.
god gave us you God Gave Us You: An adorable little polar bear club climbs into her Mama’s bed one night and has a simple question: “Where did I come from?” Mama Bear tucks her littlest cub into the blankets, and she tenderly explains the truth: Mama and Papa Bear wanted Baby Bear so very much that God gave her to them. This is a wonderful anytime story, that seamlessly fits into a bedtime routine but can be read and enjoyed any time. It helps to build a child’s self-esteem as they begin to realize that they’re here for one simple reason: their parents wanted them.
how do dinosaurs say i love you? How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?: Once again, this charming book works to show kids that no matter what they do, even when they’re in trouble, their parents always love them. With over 7 million copies sold, it’s easy to see that this is certainly a favorite of kids. It appeals to their love of dinosaurs, and brings a heartwarming message as well. The little dinosaur in the book makes his fair share of mischief, but in the end his parents show him how much they still love him, through hugs and kisses. This is a book that will have you laughing out loud.
someday Someday: Parents not only love their children, but they have huge hopes for them as well. They want their children to grow up happy and healthy, and to pursue their dreams. Someday, a charming book from the author of A Very Brave Witch, is full of emotion and expression as the author tells the story of one mother and her hopes for her children. The transitions move from the youngster learning to ride a tricycle, to riding alone on a bike, and later to driving a car. Through every one of life’s transitions, the mother loves her child and wants nothing more than for her to succeed.
i’ll always love you I’ll Always Love You: Love is a wonderful experience, but it can also lead to heartache. I’ll Always Love You is one heart-wrenching story that can help children through the lose of a pet or loved one. It follows the story of Elfie, a very special pup with a very special owner. One day Elfie doesn’t wake up, and the family must come to terms with their loss. They grieve and bury her, but in the end they remember that their special love for her made it well worth the pain of losing her. Illustrated with warm watercolor illustrations, this book is a comfort.
aliens love underpants Aliens Love Underpants: Parents looking for silly children’s books about love need look no further than Aliens Love Underpants. It’s a completely silly story with totally silly illustrations, which make parents and children laugh out loud. It starts out with little aliens flying down to our planet, but they don’t want to come out of their ship because they don’t want to meet us – instead, they want to steal our underpants! They find that different people have different types and sizes of underwear, and each of them offers a unique way for them to hide from the scary earthlings.
pete the cat: i love my white shoes Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes: On the surface, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes may not seem to be about unconditional love, but it’s actually a very subtle way to get kids to understand this sometimes complicated topic. Pete has a wonderful pair of brand new white shoes, and he’s quite proud and excited to walk home with them. Along the way, they turn from white to red, then blue, then brown, then…wet! All because he stepped in piles of messes like blueberries and strawberries. While the look of his shoes may have changed, Pete loves his shoes – because underneath they are still the same shoes.
the i love you book The I LOVE YOU Book: Todd Parr’s latest book brings the message of unconditional love, but in a different way. Many of the children’s book about love on this list focus on a parents love even when a child doesn’t follow every rule to the T. This book shows how parents love kids just the way they are. While a parent will always have their goals for a child in mind, they will love their child no matter what. It’s told a heart-felt, playful way, with heart-shaped die cut outs and silver foil. It’s a new way for parents to say, “I Love You!” to the little ones they love most of all.
love, splat LOVE, Splat: Rob Scotton has brought numerous books to children, but in this latest installment in Splat the Cat’s universe, it’s time for Valentine’s Day. Splat has a special Valentine for a creature in her class – Kitten. Splat likes kitten more than Splat loves fish sticks – more than Splat loves ice cream. The only problem is that Kitten doesn’t seem to love him back. The situation gets even more complicated when the reader learns that Spike, Splat’s rival, also loves Kitten. Kids will be mesmerized as they wait to find out who’s going to win Kitten’s paw – Splat or Spike?
the cow loves cookies The Cow Loves Cookies: Most of the animals on the farm love the things you’d expect. The geese love their corn, the hogs love their slop, chickens eat their feed, and of course the dog begs for treats. But why does the cow love cookies? This book from bestselling picture books author Karma Wilson is as clever as it is unique, and Marcellus Hall’s watercolor illustrations are simply delightful. Kids will love to watch as animal after animal is fed their normal fare…except the cow, who has its own preferences. This is a great book to teach kids that it’s OK to be different.
i love you all day long I Love You All Day Long: Yet another unique take on the idea of unconditional love, I Love You All Day Long focuses on those hours of the day that parent and child are apart. When the child goes to school and the parent goes to work, does that mean the parent stops loving the child during those hours? Of course it doesn’t! I Love You All Day Long expertly demonstrates that a parent’s love is not just for all time, but for all times of the day. Even when they’re apart, whether for 10 minutes or 10 days, parents always love their kids.
my monster mama loves me so My Monster Mama Loves Me So: There are so many ways parents show their love for kids, and My Monster Mama Loves Me So helps kids to understand how much love there is in seemingly simple actions. When the Monster Mama comes to Little Monster’s “Beastball Games,” he knows she loves him. She sings to him while tucking him in at night, she gives him big hugs, she bakes him plenty of bug-filled cookies, and she takes care of him when he’s sick. The illustrations in this book are colorful, detailed and will induce smiles from readers of every age.

Children’s books about love help kids feel special and realize that even though every family is different, there are universal ways that parents show their love for children. Some books on this list are whimsical and light-hearted, while others deal with more serious issues, but all of them have one thing in common: love.

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