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little miss books began being published in 1981, and new books have continued to come out as late as 2011. These books are all full of adorable stories, relatable characters, and whimsical drawings that children and adults will both chuckle over. Let’s take a look at all the books in this delightful series, beginning with the most recent.

Little Miss Books: Complete List

little miss princess Little Miss Princess: Published in 2011 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mr. Men series, Little Miss Princess follows a princess who lives in a castle, complete with turrets and moat. Though she has everything done for her, she is still a very kind princess, and when she stops to help the injured Mr. Bump, things to hilariously wrong.
little miss whoops Little Miss Whoops: No matter what she does, Little Miss Whoops seems to cause trouble ever where she go. In this book, she sets out to visit her brother, Mr. Bump, only to have disaster happen. This has some of the cutest illustrations you’ll find in children’s books.
little miss bad Little Miss Bad : There is no question that Little Miss Bad is just that! She’s always getting up to trouble and mischief. What’s worse, she’s constantly involving others in her bad deeds. Will she finally learn her lesson when her friends get tired of her behavior and stand up to her?
little miss scary Little Miss Scary: It’s not enough for her to be scary in general, she wants to scare everyone she meets! Her favorite victim is Mr. Jelly, who’s just so easy to scare that she can’t help herself. What she wasn’t counting on was Mr. Noisy, who has a few tricks scary up his own sleeve.
little miss somersault Little Miss Somersault: Oh so very agile is Little Miss Somersault. Instead of walking, she cartwheels down the lane. She skips front doors and climbs in through the roof instead. She doesn’t just sit on a chair while eating her dinner, she balances on the back of it. In every way, she shows off her skills.
little miss fun Little Miss Fun: There is nothing at all she loves as much as having fun. All days and all nights, her entire life revolves around having fun. But when she meets some friends who don’t have it as good, can she help them to see the fun that’s out there in the world?
little miss curious Little Miss Curious: Boy, does this little miss need to know everything! With adorable freckles and her cute yellow nose, this character wants to know all there is to know. Will her questions get on the nerves of those around her, or will they appreciate her curious nature? You can be sure there will be laughs throughout.
little miss stubborn Little Miss Stubborn: There is no character in the Little Miss books who quite as stubborn as Little Miss Stubborn. In some instances, it was good to be stubborn, but in many instances that was not the case at all. This book follows her on her journey to Mr. Strong’s house.
little miss brainy Little Miss Brainy: She’s certainly the smartest of them all. In fact, Little Miss Brainy always has something smart to say. The question remains though – is it always smart to say something? Follow along on her adventure as she learns when it’s smart to open her mouth, and when she should stay quiet.
little miss tidy Little Miss Tidy: What’s wrong with keeping things neat and clean? Little Miss Tidy is simply obsessed with cleanliness, and she can’t stand any disarray around her. While it can have its advantages, this type of behavior can also lead to terrible (and hilarious!) results for both her and her Little Miss friends.
little miss wise Little Miss Wise : This Little Miss is always thinking. She’s as smart as any owl is – in fact, she may be as smart as two owls. Each day she wakes up and does the sensible thing. From brushing her teeth to making her bed, this is a Little Miss who makes smart decisions at every turn.
little miss quick Little Miss Quick: Quick, take a peek before you miss her! This Little Miss is always in a rush. In fact, she’s in such a hurry that she doesn’t even have the time to tie the bow in her hair. Follow along as she sees the consequences of being in such a rush.
little miss busy Little Miss Busy: When it comes to hyperactive, Little Miss Busy has the market cornered. Many children’s books deal with active children, but this takes it to another level. She always has something to do, and she can’t seem to sit still even for a moment, and even when it’s the best thing for her.
little miss contrary Little Miss Contrary: Muddleland is Little Miss Contrary’s home, and so it comes as no surprise that everything is confusing there. Instead of saying what she means, she says exactly the opposite. Once you know what to expect, it’s easy to find the truth – it’s exactly what she doesn’t say.
little miss fickle Little Miss Fickle: Do we like this book? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t…it’s hard to make up our minds. If that were true, then we’d be just like Little Miss Fickle, who can never make up her mind. Even the simplest of decisions are too difficult for her. In fact, she can’t even decide what make a decision about!
little miss star Little Miss Star: Her biggest dream is to be popular, and so when Little Miss Star goes to meet a secret man (the reader can only see his legs), then we know she’s on to something neat. After her secret meeting, we see her walk by a shop window and all is revealed.
little miss lucky Little Miss Lucky: What a lucky Little Miss. She lives in Horseshoe Cottage, which is on top of a beautiful hill. She settles into bed with a wonderful book she bought, when she hears a knock at her door. What follows is anything but luck – but the reader will soon discover why she has her name.
little miss dotty Little Miss Dotty: This lady is just simple dotty. Her ideas are silly, and so are her friends Mr. Silly and Mr. Nonsense. In fact, so committed is she to being dotty that she lives in Nonseneland. Her ides are so silly and ridiculous that even her silly and ridiculous friends think she’s gone too far.
little miss chatterbox Little Miss Chatterbox: Sometimes a few words can go a long way in children’s books, but Little Miss Chatterbox certainly doesn’t know that. She just never shuts up! It’s not entirely her fault, just ask her brother Mr. Chatterbox. So excited is she to chat that she even lives in a home shaped like a telephone.
little miss twins Little Miss Twins: You get double the trouble with this book, as it follows the adventures of twin sisters. Everything they do, they do in pairs. Everything they say, they say twice. They live in Twoland, and were inspired by the author’s own twin daughters who did everything together all the time.
little miss giggles Little Miss Giggles: A blue lady with cute freckles, a funny yellow nose, bright red hair and yellow barettes, Little Miss Giggle will get you giggling as much as she does. One day, when she loses her powers of giggling, she runs into her pals Mr. Funny and Mr. Happy, who help her with her problem.
little miss greedy Little Miss Greedy: Originally titled Little Miss Plump, this story follows the Miss now known as Greedy as she eats everything in sight. Her comically large breakfast will get kids laughing, even as they think about what it means to want more than your own fair share of the pie.
little miss scatterbrain Little Miss Scatterbrain: Fans of the Mr. Men books may think that Mr. Dizzy is the least intelligent person in the world. That is, until they meet Little Miss Scatterbrain. It seems there is no knowledge simple enough for her to understand. Watch her go on her way as she proceeds to bumble everything in her path.
little miss late Little Miss Late: Most people would agree that it’s important to get places on time, but readers of Little Miss books know that everything is not as expected in these books. So late is she that she gets to her new job at the bank after it’s already closed. Her only solace is the job she finds for Mr. Lazy, who’s too lazy to check if she’s on time.
little miss splendid Little Miss Splendid: What a wonderful lady indeed! Her home is a mansion, complete with a golden bathtub, and boy does she think she’s better than everyone else in town. She finally learns her lesson when she refuses to take the bus with her friends, and ruins a very important new purchase as a result.
little miss shy Little Miss Shy: Not only is she afraid of people, but Little Miss Shy is afraid of everything. She is so afraid to go out that she grows her own food, and takes care of everything she can from home. When Mr. Funny gets tired of it and forces her to go to a party, she finally learns that going out can be fun.
little miss magic Little Miss Magic: Full of magic and mayhem, this book is one of the funniest in the bunch. Little Miss Magic can perform miracles on her friends, and she does indeed help Mr. Happy to rid Mr. Tickle of his tickling problem – or does she? Find out how her plan backfires.
little miss helpful Little Miss Helpful: She tries to help everyone she meets, but instead she just seems to make everything worse. For example, her attempt to tie Mr. Tall’s shoelaces ends with his shoes tied together. Watch as she tries to find ways to finally be helpful to the people around her who she cares so much about.
little miss trouble Little Miss Trouble: Just like Mr. Mischief, Little Miss Trouble is quite the prank puller. When she uses her friends to pull pranks against each other, how will they react? Follow along as her friends get fed up and give her a taste of her own medicine! This book will have kids and adults laughing out loud.
little miss tiny Little Miss Tiny: There is no one tinier than Mr. Small. That is, except Little Miss Tiny. The story starts with her waking up, getting out of the mouse hole in which she lives, and exploring the outdoors. When she becomes frightened, her pal Mr. Strong comes to the rescue.
little miss sunshine Little Miss Sunshine: Little Miss Sunshine is off on vacation when she sees a sign for Miseryland. Intrigued, she follows the sign and discovers that the name is quite appropriate. The land is indeed quite sad and miserable, but she uses her powers to help change that once and for all.
little miss neat Little Miss Neat: Twopin Cottage is her home, and it’s no surprise that it’s as clean as can be. When she leaves for vacation and Mr. Muddle comes to visit, only to put everything in the wrong place, Little Miss neat comes home to quite a mess on her hands.
little miss naughty Little Miss Naughty: There’s nothing she loves more than playing practical jokes on her friends. One day she arises and realizes that it’s the perfect day for being a naught Miss. She walks around, being quite naughty, but by the end she gets what’s coming to her from the people she’s been rude to.
little miss bossy Little Miss Bossy: This is the very first book, and in it we learn about the Little Miss who was as rude as Mr. Uppity was, but twice as bossy. When she’s given a part of new boots, she finds out that they have a bossy streak all their own and things don’t work out quite like she thought.

The Little Miss books are are certainly classics, and it’s not surprising. With so many rich, funny, thoughtful characters, kids of all interests can find one that will appeal to them. Whether they have a select few or the whole set, young readers will always remember the time they spent with these remarkable books.

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