Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys is a story about a boy named Spencer who has so many toys, they are actually spilling out of his closet, out from under his bed, and becoming a constant problem all throughout the house. When his father announces that he just has Too Many Toys, Spencer has a hard time deciding which toys to part with. He doesn’t know how he accumulated so many toys, but here they were. When Spencer decides what toys to donate, he puts them in a box. All of a sudden, though, he can’t bring himself to part with the box.

Every parent has thought, at one time or another, “These kids have too much stuff!” This is one of those picture books that parents and children alike will be able to relate to.  With the common thread of a family who wants to work together, children who want to do the right thing, but it isn’t always easy, and the realistic story of a little boy who gets toys for every occasion, from every person he knows, this will become a family favorite.

Too Many Toys is one of those picture books that may not be simply for children, but will be especially loved by parents and children together.  David Shannon has written many books over the years, and has been recognized as a great children’s author. This book is sure to be another winner, among parents, children, teachers, and complete families. This is a story that will be read and shared over and over again.

too many toys

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