The Carrot Seed

One of the great things about children’s stories is that they’re not only there to entertain, but to teach a lesson. There are many different children’s stories that are designed to show children how the world works, or how they can interact better with the world. Many of these childrens books are some of the most well remembered books of a young child’s life. The story of The Carrot Seed is one of those books that is often remembered by young children, not only for it’s message, but for the simplicity of the beautiful story.

The Carrot Seed is all about a little boy who has, of course, a carrot seed. He plants this seed into the ground and takes care of it very carefully. He is told by his parents and his brother that the seed won’t grow. But the little boy continues to care for the seed by pulling the weeds and by watering it to take care of it. Finally his perseverance pays off when the carrot seed not only grows, but grows to be a very large carrot that is worthy of the first prize at the state fair.

In The Carrot Seed, children learn a variety of lessons; they learn not only about how to care for something to help it grow, but how to be patient and to believe in what they stand for, making it a tale worthy of any home library and one that is cherished by children, and parents, around the world.

The Carrot Seed


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