The Hallo-wiener

Acclaimed author Dav Pilkey is very punny! You can see this in the titles and overt, lowbrow jokes he writes in his many best-selling picture books for children. Of course, not all of his books are loaded with puns.

He’s written one sweet story about a young newspaper carrier titled The Paperboy that has earned him a Caldecott Medal. But the bulk

of his work is made up of wildly silly stories about different animals and the trouble they find themselves in. Such is the case with his story about Halloween.

The Hallo-wiener is a Halloween story whose main character is a wiener dog named Oscar. The dog’s short stature is the subject of jokes by other dogs around him. Such is the life of a dachshund. But on Halloween, Oscar is subjected to more ridicule because of the costume he wears. His mother makes him a hot dog costume, and he grudgingly wears it so he doesn’t hurt her feelings. He’s laughed at and robbed of his candy by the other dogs when he goes trick-or-treating with his friends. The sad little pup feels like he’s at the bottom of his rope, but suddenly, a scary monster frightens the other dogs into a pond. Because he’s short, Oscar is able to reveal the monster as nothing more than two ornery cats. Now Oscar’s thought of as a hero and is loved by the very dogs that constantly made fun of him.

This book will make you laugh at all of Dav Pilkey’s puns. Although the message is a serious one, the way in which the author tells it is quite funny. He does so with rich language and a witty style. And, as always, Dav Pilkey doesn’t disappoint with his illustrations. This cheerful tale is aided by the cheerful, colorful illustrations for which he is known.

The Hallo-wiener is an incredibly funny story that teaches kids that it’s OK to be different from the pack even if it’s because of their height. With this story, Dav Pilkey lets kids know that everyone is worth knowing. What a wonderful lesson for kids who may be struggling with being teased or bullied by their classmates!

The Hallo-wiener

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