Goodnight Goon

goodnight goon

If you and your children love out of the ordinary stories, parodies that take a new twist on timeless classics- sometimes becoming a classic itself, then you will love Goodnight Goon, by Michael Rex. Parody to Goodnight Moon, the ever popular children’s bedtime book, this one offers a new twist on bedtime fun. Not only one of the great picture books parodies, but a humorous story in its own right, this book has the potential of becoming a beloved family favorite for fun.

Featured in the story is a little boy werewolf who is trying to go to bed. In comes a goon to disturb the night, making it difficult to settle down and go to sleep. The antics the goon performs and the things that he does will amuse even the staunchest critic. Goodnight Goon is a fun, exciting, and hilarious bedtime book that will do more than get little ones ready for sleep, it will offer them a reason to not be afraid of the monsters under the bed. It will offer them a laugh that will carry them off to dreamland, with the knowledge that goons and werewolves are not scary, but have a sense of humor and can also be great fun.

This is one of those picture books that offers illustrations that will show you the story as it is being told. Goodnight Goon has more than simply saying goodnight to it. It also offers a story that will be one to enjoy over and over again.

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