Ghosts in the House!

Done in a very Halloweenish style with a cover of black, orange, and with white ghosts, Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kahara has been called “just the right mix of sweet and scary.”

A young girl lives at the edge of town.  While that in itself doesn’t sound like anything special, there’s a big difference between her house and the others.  Her house happens to be haunted!  However, she’s got a bit of an edge over those ghosts – she’s a witch and knows exactly how to handle them.  She catches the ghosts and puts them through the washing machine.  When they’re done, she dries them and then they become table cloths and bed sheets!  Not so scary after all.

Ghosts in the House! is certain to have kids giggling away when they see what the young heroine does with the ghosties.  It’s so unexpected, even parents will find themselves smirking as they read.  The orange and black illustrations use sharp angles and thick lines to provoke a bold look that makes the ghosts stand out when the pop up in their snowy white form, complete with little faces everyone always expects of ghosts; two eyes and a mouth.  Some ghosts are cute with quirky smiles as they float to and fro in the little girl’s house.

Children’s books like Ghosts in the House! are great fun to read.  The story itself isn’t necessarily one that must be read during Halloween, it can be especially fun around the holiday when spooky things come out to play.

ghosts in the house

ghosts in the house book

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