Boo! by Robert Munsch is about every kid’s favorite candy-eating holiday. Lance, a little boy who likes to scare people, wants to dress up very scarily for Halloween. And he doesn’t want a store-bought costume. So he goes and paints his face the scariest he can. He’s got worms coming out of his eyes and nose and thinks he just may be scary enough.

He sets out with the goal of scaring everyone. He scares his mom by simply saying, “Boo!” His face is so horrid that his mom is terrified. He decides to try his scariness out in the neighborhood. Are they ready for him and his scary painted face? He loves everyone’s reactions to him when they seem him and hear him. They scream and faint. Lance thinks he must have done a pretty good job on this Halloween.

As he boos his way through the neighborhood and every person he looks at screams, falls over, and drops their candy, Lance takes in a huge haul of the sweetened treats as he winds his way around town. He even raids a refrigerator. Finally, Lance decides he has too much candy to eat by himself and shares it with the neighbors. One of the lessons related in this story is the importance of sharing. If you just go around and gather up everything all for yourself, there’s really no joy in it. Part of the fun comes from sharing with others.

Boo! is one of those children’s books that should be included in every home and school library. It’s a wacky take on the traditional Halloween books out there. Children love to say, “Boo!” This is a good natured tale as Lance does share his bounty at the end. Little kids will like that it’s not really all that scary.

Munsch has paired up again with illustrator Michael Martchenko for the illustrations in Boo!. Every page has something in it that will make kids giggle. The mere thought of being so scary that people will fall over and faint. Kids will enjoy the hilarity at the thought and, then, hopefully they will also get the message that sharing is the right thing to do.



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