Children’s Halloween Books

Halloween is a time for ghouls and witches, black cats and pumpkins. But you also can’t have the holiday without great stories – particularly awesome children’s Halloween books. The perfect thing after a long night of trick-or-treating! Curl up amidst that pile of scrumptious candy glory and listen to tales of fun and fright!

10 Best Halloween Books for Kids

big pumpkin Big Pumpkin: Nothing says “Halloween book” more than a story about a witch with a gigantic pumpkin. It’s a fabulously large pumpkin, and the witch is very proud of it. Now it’s time for her to make a delicious pumpkin pie. However, there’s one problem—her pumpkin is so big, she can’t even get it off the vine.Filled with ghosts, goblins, vampires, mummies and more spooky creatures, it may be up to the little bat to figure out a way to help the witch. Erica Silverman is the mastermind behind this warm tale while S.D. Schindler provides the brilliant hues that echo the colors of fall and the darkness of night.
in the haunted house In The Haunted House: Scary and silly come together in many children’s Halloween books, and this title is one of them. A father and daughter tiptoe into a large, dark house and find all sorts of monsters and creatures of the night. Eve Bunting is no stranger to writing books for All Hallows Eve where scary things rise up and creep around. She uses fun rhymes to keep the tone light. There is even a little twist inside this book; the daughter isn’t as afraid of the house as her father is. Expertly illustrated by the award-winning Susan Meddaugh, this book is great for providing squeals of excitement from children ages 3-6.
goodnight goon Goodnight Goon: This parody takes on the ever-popular title, Goodnight Moon, transforming it into a book about things that go bump in the night. Instead of a rabbit settling down for the night, it’s a young werewolf. What’s more, the Goon refuses to let all the monsters sleep, so tentacles keep slithering out of the fireplace, creatures crawl out of the curtains, and much more.Michael Rex both authors and illustrates the book, keeping with the same tone as the original book, even as he makes all sorts of ghoulish trades. Ideal to read on that one spooky night after children have gone trick-or-treating and are ready to settle in for the night.
room on the broom Room on the Broom: Halloween children’s books certainly don’t have to include scary witches and drooling monsters. Instead, they can have fun little stories about witches who ride around on brooms, delighting in the night sky. However, this witch has lost her hat, bow, and wand. A predicament for any witch, to be sure. But when all her items are found by a dog, a parrot, and a frog, they ask to ride along with her to join in on the fun. The witch already has her trusty cat with her—is there really enough room for everyone to ride? That’s not the only problem either. There happens to be a dragon out on this night…
shake dem halloween bones Shake Dem Halloween Bones: Mike Reed offers up all kinds of zesty colors in this book, whether those colors are the hues of the night or vibrant oranges, yellows, greens, and reds. It’s a quiet night in the city, but because it’s the night that costumes, candy, and creepy-crawling things abound, it isn’t long before a ball is in full swing! The music is swinging and the people are dancing. W. Nikola-Lisa presents the text in bebopping, hip-hopping, rhythmic lines that will be fun for parents to read or for children to learn. Don’t be afraid to get up and boogie as you turn the pages!
pumpkin soup Pumpkin Soup: A Halloween book that certain to put the idea of being warm and cozy in your head, it tells the story of three friends that live deep in the woods. Every day, Cat, Squirrel, and Duck make a delicious pot of pumpkin soup. Each character has their own job; Cat slices up the pumpkin, Squirrel stirs, and Duck adds a dash of salt. At least, until the time comes that Duck wants to stir instead. When the friends fight over the idea, Duck storms off. But true friends quickly show their colors; Cat and Squirrel are soon scouring the woods to find their beloved Duck.
ten timid ghosts Ten Timid Ghosts: When a witch decides to move into a haunted house, she chases out the ten ghosts that already live there. But the timid ghosts soon get together and decide they don’t want to be timid anymore. They want their house back and they plan to get it!Halloween children’s books like this one take on a unique twist when ghosts don’t scare people, but instead get scared themselves. Jennifer O’Connell provides fun illustrations and a story that can also help children learn to count. Parents can have fun helping their child search for the ghosts and later on the witch. Be ready for a bit of “Boo!”
the night before halloween The Night Before Halloween: Some children’s Halloween books last for a long time because of their staying power. Natasha Wing and illustrator Cynthia Fisher’s book has been around for ten years and still sells today. Taking the well-known Night Before Christmas idea, they’ve created one for the night before Tricks-or-Treats comes around. Keeping the same rhyming scheme, kids can read about the fun activities that trick-or-treaters come up with. Then, as the kids in the book go out for some fun, they find out that they’re not the only things moving around in the night! A good book meant for ages 4 to 8.
the hallo-wiener The Hallo-wiener: Dav Pilkey is the king of goofiness, and this title is no exception. Oscar the dachshund is funny-looking. At least, that’s what all the other dogs think. So when he hops into a hotdog costume, they make fun of him even more. Will Oscar ever get a break? Maybe when he does an amazing, heroic deed, the other dogs will see him for who he really is. Goofy and completely lovable, everyone reading this book will have a fun time, giggling away and feeling happy for Oscar when he finally gets his happy ending. How can you not love a dachshund in a hotdog costume?
where is baby’s pumpkin? Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?: Karen Katz is well-known for her books featuring babies. As for Halloween children’s books, she only has one, but one is enough. Here we meet a baby in a kitty costume. But there’s something missing. Baby can’t find her pumpkin!Throughout the book, children get to pull flaps, open doors, and lift bowls to find out whether or not the pumpkin is hiding there. Along the way, kids can touch the velvety cat suit that baby wears, watch sparkly items glitter, and enjoy plenty other visual and tactile sensations. For infants and children in preschool, both parents and kids will read this book over and over, delighting in finding the pumpkin every time.

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