Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together

Jane O’connor has brought fancy to more homes than ever, with Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together! This special kit is more than a book about Fancy Nancy. It is actually an emergency fancy kit. Shaped like a purse, inside your little girl will find special things that Fancy Nancy has determined that every little girl will need to help with those times when it can be a fancy up emergency. There are butterfly barrettes, a glamorous tiara, a butterfly fan, sunglasses that glitter, and a Fancy Nancy book.

Children’s books have a lot to offer, but this is more than just your run of the mill children’s book. It is a Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together extravaganza. Armed with this kit, your little girl will  be ready for any fancy up emergency. She will be able to dress up her dolls, herself, and even a friend if the need to be fancy arises. She will also be able to bring Fancy Nancy and accessories (the fancy word for extra stuff) along with her in the cute little purse.

The book includes tips from the princess of fancy, Nancy herself, about how to make life fancy. She offers tips about doing your hair, making party invitations, and helping your favorite dolls to become even fancier. She also includes some special fancy words that you can learn to make you speech more fancy. Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together offers to be one of the favorites when you bring it home to share with your favorite little girl.

Fancy Nancy: Let's Get Fancy Together


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