Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!

Nancy takes on the world in ways that are fun and exciting, as well as more fancy than ever, in Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire! Nancy is a little girl who loves everything fancy, and the fancier the better. Playing dress up is nothing compared to living dressed up and fancy, with all the accessories you could ever want. That is how Nancy lives, with her tiara, gem studded shoes, and anything else that will make her look and feel fancy. When Nancy becomes an explorer, there is even more glamorous and fancy excitement.

Anyone who loves children’s books will love Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire! Nancy and her best friend, Bree decide to begin exploring the world around them. They even create a club that is very private, the Explorer’s Club. When you read this book with your children, you will all be on a fancy adventure, finding out moreĀ  and more about how fancy the world really is, from flowers and trees, to birds and flowers, and don’t forget about the amazing and glamorous butterflies.

In Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!, you will join Nancy and Bree in more fancy ways to discover the world, while having a fanciful time. Sharing the fun of learning fancy new words, while seeing the fancy around you, in what may look like ordinary to the naked eye, will be some of the benefits of reading this wonderful book with your children. Jane O’Connor has helped make the world a fancier place, with her Fancy Nancy books.

Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!


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