Fancy Nancy Big Book

One of the most endearing and memorable little girls of the special type of literature found only in children’s books, Fancy Nancy now has something new to offer, the Fancy Nancy Big Book.

Complete with everything we have come to love about Nancy and her fanciful life, this book has even more to offer. When you think about what you have really loved about all the other Fancy Nancy books, you will want to bring this one home too. Jane O’connor and Robin Preiss Glasser have once again given Nancy even more fancy. Yes, she loves to dress up, yes, she loves to speak with words that are extra fancy, but now there is even more fancy to Nancy, as she shows off her ability to be fancy all the time.

Fancy Nancy Big Book offers a look at Nancy and her family, from the ways she helps them learn how to be fancy in their everyday life, to the ways she amuses them with her new words and phrases that are sometimes more extravagant, sometimes more sophisticated, sometimes French, and always more fancy than your average word or phrase. Children’s books have been a part of growing up for generations, and now there is more to remind us that the fancy in life doesn’t have to be only for people who are naturally fancy. Ordinary people, entire families, children and adults alike, can learn how to bring fancy fun to their own lives, when they read Fancy Nancy Big Book.

fancy nancy big book


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