Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris

Fancy Nancy is a little girl who loves everything frilly and fancy, and the fancier the better. In Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris, Nancy meets a new boy in her class. When she finds out that he is from Paris, Nancy becomes very excited. After all, what is more fancy than anything or anybody from Paris? Nancy is soon to learn that boys have a lot in common, no matter where they are from. The new boy, Robert, seems to be more interested in horses than anything fancy.

Nancy has brushed up on her French and comes up with even fancier words than in some of the other Fancy Nancy books in this one. With the love of language that Nancy has become famous for, and the way she uses the most fancy words that she can think of for what she wants to say, learning some of the French words that Nancy loves to use will be one bonus to reading this book.

Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris is a great story that shows that even girls who love to play dress up and be fancy, can be friends with and have fun with boys and girls who like different things. This is one of the children’s books that will encourage your children to give everyone a chance, even if they think they have nothing in common. With beautiful illustrations and another Nancy adventure, you and your children will be thrilled with Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris.

fancy nancy and the boy from paris

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