Mem Fox made a name for herself when she decided to make literature her passion in life, and in her career she has created a number of very well-receive children’s books, all of which have become beloved around the world by children and parents.

Some of her tales are stories that have a lesson in them and which teach children about the world around them. Others, however, are stories which are simplistic and beautiful to look at and which can help to let younger children develop a love of reading.

The story of Zoo-Looking is about a young girl who goes to the zoo in order to see the other animals. She notices that, while she’s watching the other animals, many of them are watching her. She sees everything that the animals do, and Fox’s catchy rhyme scheme and meter go throughout the tales and children learn a bit about the animal that Flora, the girl, is looking at. The uncomplicated rhyme scheme is a perfect one for younger children to learn how to rhyme with, and for older children to learn how to read with. Phrases include things like “the snake slithers through a crack, the panther’s coat is black, the elephant lives next to a yak”, and so on.

What makes this story so

beautiful isn’t just the rhyming words, but the beautiful watercolor illustrations created by Candace Whitman. Whitman creates a bright and slightly blurred world that Flora looks at, and which keeps children engaged in the tale. The big surprise in the tale is at the end, where Flora looks at her father, and he smiles back at her. This is a great story for families who are looking for books about fathers, which are, admittedly, more difficult to find than ones about mothers. Zoo-Looking is a perfect book to help children learn about rhyming and even about meter, and is simply a beautiful book for younger children to look at. If you’re looking for a tale that features a father and that is very simple and yet very sweet, Zoo-Looking is a tale that will go well in your child’s library.


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