Yummy Trip!

Yummy Trip! is the brand new addition to the Adventure of Meno series by Tony DiTerlizzi and his wife, Angela. Tony DiTerlizzi is the author and illustrator of the famous Spiderwick Chronicles. The husband and wife team love making books for kids, both young and young-at-heart. This is way most of his adventures are set in past times, several decades ago. Many things were different then and through these books, those times can be recaptured and can connect young and old generations alike. Yummy Trip! is aimed at children ages one to five and their parents. The goal of the story is simply to find out where friends Meno, Yamagoo, and Zanzibar are going. The DiTerlizzis have fun with their audience and take them on a dreamy ride through delicious foods, including pink cupcakes. The characters are fun-loving and happy-go-lucky, setting out to have a good time with friends. This board book features

quirky, fun illustrations reminiscent of the 1940s and ‘50s. The bright colors will hold the attention of even the youngest audience. The words are simple and easy to read. Children will love the illustrations and want to see them, and hear about them, over and over again. The colors used in the book are designed to be especially attractive to young children. In the book, children will see an octopus riding a bowling ball on wheels for transportation, Meno riding a carrot for a skateboard, and a fish in a bowl riding what could be a ferret, or an otter! We’ll leave it to your imagination. These three friends are setting

off on an adventure. Where are they going? What are they going to see along the way? What are they going to do when they get where they’re going? Read along and find out. Enjoy their adventures with them. This book is everything picture books should be. It is silly and happy and funny. The illustrations are fanciful and will spark

imaginations young and old. Because it is “presented in delicious Meno-Color,” it is 48 pages of pure yumminess.

Yummy Trip!


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