You’re Lovable to Me

Arriving in December of 2009, Kat Yeh and Sue Anderson, two relative newcomers to the publishing world of children’s books, bring a heartwarming story to families all over. You’re Lovable to Me is a simple story with a big message, one that parents and children of all ages can appreciate and relate to.

The little bunnies are always up to something. They get into all sorts of fun mischief day in and day out. But once the day is done, they go to their Mama Bunny and apologize for all their silliness and rambunctious actions. Mama Bunny forgives them and cuddles them all close, letting them know that no matter what, they will always be her little bunnies and she will always love them. Once they are off to bed, Mama Bunny’s papa shows up for a bit of tea, and while he’s there reminds her that she’s his little bunny and he will love her forever.

Kat Yeh brings families a multigenerational tale of love. Not only is the Mama Bunny letting her younger bunnies know she loves them, but her papa shows up and says the same thing. It reminds children that love is everywhere and goes from parent to child and back again, always. You’re Loveable to Me delivers the story in a gentle rhyming style that parents will have a good time reading to their children while kids immerse themselves in Sue Anderson’s illustrations. The pictures have an older quality to them, reminiscent of The Velveteen Rabbit and other similar books. The little bunnies dress in cute outfits and have swings and treehouses and all sorts of fun things to do. The detail is impressive and kids will delight in discovering a myriad of goodies like squirrels perched on branches and a colorful toy ball tucked away in the roots of a tree.

You’re Lovable to Me is for ages 3 to 6, but letting children a few years older take a look at it is just fine, as everyone can relate to the message of love that this book delivers. Expect it to become a bedtime favorite.

You’re Lovable to Me


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