Would I Trade My Parents?

Every child, at one point pay someone to write my paper

in time or another, gets frustrated with their parents and wishes that they could have parents who were different. But what would happen if children really were able to trade their parents? Would they truly be happier or wou

ld they feel the same as they do now? Author Laura Numeroff, best known for creating the “If You Give A…” series ponders that question in one of her beloved titles, Would I Trade My Parents?

Would I Trade My Parents? is all about a young boy who realizes that his friends have very cool parents. He wonders why their parents are all so special and why his parents don’t seem to be. He starts to wish that he could trade his parents for his friend’s parents. After all, that would be better, wouldn’t it?

He starts to think about what live would be like if he switched parents, and then he starts to think about all of the things that his parents do for him. He remembers how his parents always read to him or how they leave little notes in his lunch box when he goes to school. And he remembers how his family goes on bike rides together and laughs and has fun. It is through remembering all of these things that he realizes that he really doesn’t need to trade parents, because he has the best parents of all!

Would I Trade My Parents? is all about children realizing that it is okay to be upset and to think about wanting things differently, but that it is also a good idea to realize what you have and to appreciate that. Children who read this tale can walk away from it with a lesson in family values and how important your parents truly are to you.

This selection is one of many great childrens books for those between the ages of four to eight, and parents will likely find that it is a good tale for children to practice their reading skills on, and that they’ll get more from the tale in reading it themselves.

Would I Trade My Parents?


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