Which Would You Rather Be?

Would you rather be a stick or a stone? Rain or snow? “Which Would You Rather Be?” is the question asked in this cute little book by award-winning author and illustrator William Steig. The author is best known for Shrek! and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, and he has created a quick read-aloud question and answer game.

Which Would You Rather Be? features a grey rabbit who poses questions to two children. As he asks the children which thing they’d rather be, he pulls objects and even people out of his magician’s hat. The choices in the book grow wackier and wilder and the children even run for their lives when the choice is between a mouse and an elephant.

Readers aged three to one hundred and three will find the airy and fanciful illustrations by Harry Bliss delightful. As each choice is presented, readers watch the children act out the various scenarios. But the pokies online illustrations are so intentionally sparse that much is left to the imagination. This can sometimes be helpful when you want children to have a chance to create their own characters and visions to match a story.

These questions spark all kinds of possibilities for inventiveness within your child’s mind. It

offers a plethora of options for answers that your child may not even have begun to imagine. As your child explores answers for each question, knowledge and thought processes can open up new avenues that, in

turn, can open up more avenues. This kind of thought process stimulates brain activity and

encourages your child to learn and grow. And, what’s most important is that your child can realize that thinking and learning is fun. Stimulation patterns such as these questions and answers bring forth can only help your child in their educational development.

Which Would You Rather Be? is one of those reach-for childrens books that makes a great road trip read or a fun classroom group discussion starter. Readers and listeners alike will enjoy the simple repetition of the text and are sure to come up with their own “Would you rather?” questions.

Which Would You Rather Be?


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