Where’s my Sweetie Pie?

Children love an interactive book with surprises. Guessing and anticipation are all part of the fun. Getting small children excited about stories is the beginning of a love of reading. Interactive texts go a long way in building excitement.

Where’s my Sweetie Pie will be no exception. It’s a lift-the-flap book that takes children on an adventure to find Sweetie Pie. Page after page, they flip the flap, but Sweetie Pie is nowhere to be found. Just when they think there is no Sweetie Pie, they turn to the last page to find a mirror, and they figure out that they’re looking at Sweetie Pie. The surprise ending will get your child laughing and wanting more.

Ed Emberley is the author and illustrator of this fun book. Emberley has written over 80 children’s books and has won multiple awards for his efforts. His experience spans over 40 years. Emberley has a talent for relating to children and creating books that The following books are available to purchase:Do you own a best-driving-school.com school? Are you a qualified best-driving-school.com instructor? We re a small team with a lot of passion and vision. are meaningful to young minds. His books leave children wanting more.

Where’s my Sweetie Pie is one of those books that your child will want to look at over and over. Since it’s a board book, they can look at it on their own. Board books are the best way for young children to begin to experience “reading” for themselves. Their nearly indestructible nature makes them great for independent play. As they get older, your child will enjoy sharing the book with younger kids and siblings.

When building a collection of books that your child will be able to handle on their own, Where’s my Sweetie Pie will be a great addition. Opening flaps never seems to get old for kids. Seeing themselves at the end will excite them every time. The adventure of looking for Sweetie Pie will create anticipation and enthusiasm to keep them going. Finding out that it’s their face in the mirror will begin to build their self-esteem. This book has the advantage of interactive features along with being a board book. It will become a standard in your home for years to come.

Where’s my Sweetie Pie?

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