Where is the Green Sheep?

When it comes to helping children learn how to read, there are a number of theories of thought about what is the best way, and while each way has its benefits and minuses, there is one thing that is for certain: all children enjoy learning how to read when they have colorful characters to read about. That is why you will often find stories that are written for young readers that feature animals as the main characters. The same is true for many of Mem Fox’s tales. Mem Fox is well known for creating tales that help children to realize lessons about life, or that simply helps them to relax and unwind after a long day. One children’s book by Mem is all about helping children to learn how to read in a fun way.

This is a story that is all about sheep! This book follows a number of different these fluffy creatures through their day,

but unlike most, which are just white or black, these are all sorts of different colors, which is a great way also to help reinforce lessons about color. As the tale follows all of them around, one question keeps popping up about where the green one is! No one knows where that one is, and the author prompts children throughout the pages to wonder where that little guy is hiding and what he could be doing.

The rhyme scheme of Where is the Green Sheep? is a fun bouncy one, and is engaging for all children. The tale helps children to learn to read by the repetitive phrase about the green sheep and wondering where he is, and is also fun for younger children to listen to because their eyes will be constantly scanning the pages looking for that elusive green fluffy guy!

The tale is illustrated beautifully by Judy Horacek, who gives all of the sheep their own personality and unique look, keeping the book lively and enjoyable to look at even when you aren’t reading the words that are written down on the page.

Where is the Green Sheep?


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