When Lightning Comes in a Jar

After writing dozens of children’s books, student writing paper Patricia Polacco continues to write more as the years go by. Using family, friends, and widely-known and understood themes, she entrances children with her words and illustrations, including great detail and splashes of color in just the right places. When Lightning Comes in a Jar brings in even more family and fun, with some great ideas and little surprises.

Tricia’s family is ready to have a family reunion! Everyone is going to be there; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandmas, grandpas, and cousins all

arrive at Tricia’s house to start the festivities. And what a celebration it is! Especially since this year, grandma wants to teach the kids a special secret. She wants to show them how to catch lightning in a jar! Such a feat seems impossible, but the kids know that if anyone can do it, grandma can! Readers will have to reach the end of the book to find out just how grandma catches such power in a small jar, and they’ll be in for a fun surprise!

Patricia Polacco draws upon her own family experiences to bring readers the delight of a raucous family reunion within the pages. When Lightning Comes in a Jar has plenty of excitement; family members hustling and bustling to get ready for one another, making food and tasty treats to eat, playing games and running around the house. It’s craziness in its best form! With so many family members, it may make readers long to have a huge family of their own so they can have their own family reunion with food and fun and friends.

Polacco uses her illustrations skills to bring out the details in each and every drawing, from the shine of the apples to the expressions on all the different family members’ faces. This time, Patricia Polacco works together with Ernest Polacco to create such a memorable experience that readers age 5 through 8 can enjoy with their parents no matter what time of the year it is. When Lightning Comes in a Jar reinforces ideas of family and love to the highest degree.

When Lightning Comes in a Jar

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