When I Grow Up

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter series

has been around since 1975. Kids have been delighted with Little Critter for so long that by now, many of them have grown up and had children of their

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own. In turn, they have shown their kids the joys of Little Critter. For a long time, it was just Little Critter and his parents and grandparents. But as time went by, he eventually had a baby sister and then a baby brother. When I Grow Up features not Little Critter as the main character, but Little Sister.

There are many things that Little Sister wants to do when she gets older.

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There are so many possibilities and neat things that she could do! Perhaps she will be a famous ballet dancer, entertaining huge crowds with her beautiful dance moves and pretty tutu. Or maybe she will be a renowned doctor whom everyone goes to in order to get treated and healed. She’ll be able to fix everyone! Or perhaps a race car driver would be more fun! Zooming around the track and beating everyone to the finish line and winning the trophy! But what about something else? There are endless things she could be when she grows up, and the only thing holding her back? She’s not grown up yet!

When I Grow Up is an enjoyable romp with Little Sister. Though girls can easily have fun with Little Critter, reading a story that involves Little Sister only can be good fun too. Now girls can see all the possibilities ahead of them when they grow up with Mercer Mayer’s fun way to inspire kids to think big.

Mayer’s picture books are always sure to bring smiles to reader’s faces, parents and kids alike. His chipper illustrations are full of color and detail, and just like Little Critter, Little Sister also has a few extra friends tagging along with her imaginary adventures. Looking for them gives kids even more fun when this book opens up, so expect to linger on a few pages as they examine the pictures for all of Mayer’s giggle-worthy details.

When I Grow Up

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