When I Get Bigger

Mercer Mayer, writer of books for kids, has always brought pure joy to children all over through his Little Critter series. Plucking ideas straight from kids, Mayer creates adorable little tales using his Critter creatures, and one in particular who stars in each and every one. His illustrations are also a cause for celebration, as they are always full of fun and include interesting little details that kids always love to point out.

When I Get Bigger is Little Critter’s look into the future. He dreams of the day when he’s older and all the cool things he will be able to do. He can’t go to first grade yet, but soon, when he’s older, he will and it will be great! When he gets older, he will be able to use the phone all by himself, dialing the numbers and everything. He will also be allowed to camp out by himself in the backyard, or even walk to the corner store all on his own. He can wear a suit and carry a briefcase and be big and important! It’s going to be a great time when he’s older!

Except after all of his daydreaming of the exciting things he plans to do, he gets a little tired. As Little Critter climbs into bed, he decides that it is okay he isn’t older yet.

Mayer knows exactly the sort of stories kids love to hear, and he crafts them well, using simple sentences and filling in the rest with charming pictures of Little Critter performing all sorts of adults tasks that most kids also dream of doing someday. Kids may easily see themselves in Little Critter’s position. Mayer’s illustrations are spot-on, full of life and color, giving Little Critter expressive faces, from his excited, wide-eyed look to when he grows tired and slouches in his chair, eyes half open.

This children’s book is great for young audiences, and parents will be able to see a bit of their youngsters in Little Critter as well. In the end, everyone will be happy that kids are still kids and they aren’t growing up too fast.

When I Get Bigger

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