What’s Up, Duck?

Children love books created just for them, and there is no better type of book for the youngest children than a board book. They are easy to hold, just the right size for little hands, and sturdy enough to withstand the spills, teething, and pulling on the pages. Tad Hills has written another charming story that is just perfect for the youngest child, and will be loved right up through the preschool years, and it is in the form of a board book. What’s Up, Duck? will quickly become a favorite for your little one to carry around. Having a book to read, look at, and carry around everywhere will be a great way to help develop the love of reading that will be carried into adulthood.

The characters from Tad Hills’ other children’s books are back, and this time with opposites fun. Duck, Goose, and Thistle are joined by a new character in this story. A bluebird joins in helping the three friends from the other books about Duck and Goose, learn about things and words that are opposites. They do more than talk about them, they actually show in the illustrations opposites such as front and back, up and down, high and low, far and near, and many others. Like with the other books by Tad Hills, this one has charming illustrations with whimsical looking characters that your children will love to look at and get to know. What’s Up Duck? Is a story that will offer more than fun, it will help even the youngest children understand a concept that is very important to learn while in the early years.

Reading this story will be easy, and having fun finding opposites around the house may become a daily game, when your little ones learn the concept in a fun way, with friends like Duck and Goose. What’s Up Duck? will offer many hours and days of fun and games, all while teaching important lessons for a life time of learning skills to advance on. The antics of the animals in the story will be an enjoyable way for you to teach and have some one on one time with your child.

What's Up, Duck?

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