What Mommies Do Best

All children love their caregivers, and most of the time those caregivers are mothers or fathers who do everything they can for their children. Children love to read childrens books about how parents love their children, because it is something that they can really related to and can emulate with their children. Well-known author of stories for children, Laura Numeroff, brings a delightful tale about What Mommies Do Best for children and parents to read and enjoy together!

What do moms do for their children? Tons of things! They can teach children to build a snowman, and can help them to learn how to ride a bicycle. They can give them a piggyback ride, and they can make a cake for their birthday. They can even take children trick or treating and help them to give a dog a bath! Moms really are special in the lives of their children, but what about daddies?

Numeroff didn’t forget about daddies. Flip this book around and suddenly you’re not talking about moms anymore, but daddies! What Mommies Do Best is actually two books in one – one that talks about all of the things that moms do for you, and the other talking about all of the things that daddies do for you! What’s interesting in this tale is that all of the moms and daddies are different. For instance one page may have mommies being bears and teaching children how to ride a bicycle, while the daddies are hippos teaching children how to ride a bicycle!

This tale truly shows that moms and daddies can do the same thing for their children and that they all love their children. Interestingly enough sometimes, when you’d think that the mommy would be neater (as in with the birthday cake decorating), the father is, and vice versa. This

tale doesn’t follow along with gender stereotypes and is truly a story that is all about showing children how much their parents love them. What Mommies Do Best would make a wonderful gift for any child and parent duo, no matter if is a single parent or not!

What Mommies Do Best

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