What Grandmas Do Best

All children love their grandparents – and what’s not to love? Grandparents have the ability to spoil their grandchildren as much as they want to. That’s why they give them so much love and affection, and why children always love going to spend time

at grandma or grandpa’s house! Laura Numeroff, well-known author of selections such as the “If You Give A…” series brings the specialness of grandmothers, and grandfathers, to ink and paper with her What Grandmas Do Best story!

This tale is all about talking about all of the things that grandmas and grandpas can do that children love. Grandmotheres, for instance, can play hide and seek

and can help to build a sand castle. They can sing a lullaby and they can make hats. But children don’t only love their grandmothers, they love their grandfathers as well! Numeroff has taken this into consideration. Just flip What Grandmas Do

Best over and you’ll find that the entire tale is the same, only it features a grandfather, much in the same way that What Mommies Do Best does.

Illustrator Lynn Munsinger took the same words that Numeroff wrote down and illustrated them with a grandfather instead. This allows children to see that grandmas and grandpas can do the same thing, even if they do it a bit differently. For instance where grandpa will make a newspaper hat, grandma might knit one. It shows children that even though they do things a bit differently, they still do everything they do out of love.

This book is a great one to give to any child who loves their grandparent, no matter if that grandparent is close, where they can do many of these activities on a routine basis, or if they’re far away, and aren’t able to do all of the things they’d like to do with their grandchildren all of the time. Picture books like this makes an excellent gift from grandparents and even to grandparents to read to their grandchildren whenever they’re able to have that special time to spend together. Numeroff and Munsinger definitely hit the right note with this tale.

What Grandmas Do Best


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