What Aunts Do Best

Laura Numeroff became well-known in the world of stories written for children for her “If You Give A…” series of books, which are a tumbled, jumbled series that follows one creature as they start with something simple, then make a huge mess out of ev

erything. But Numeroff has written a number of other tales, including a children’s book that is all about what mommies do. But she not only write about mommies, she also wrote about aunts!

Aunts are the unsung heroes of children’s lives. They’re there to pick them up when they fall, and to give them kisses and hugs all the time.

They’re the fun ones to be with, in most cases, and many times children love their aunts as much as they love their grandparents. So Numeroff created a tale just for them, with What Aunts Do Best. This story is all about the great things that aunts can do for their nieces and nephews, including playing piano with them and taking them for a ride in a car, and, of course, letting them stay up to watch television really late into the night.

But Numeroff realizes that children love their uncles too, and just as with What Mommies Do Best, her first venture into the world of relatives, this book is also about uncles! Simply flip the book and you’ll find the exact same words that were written about aunts and how they apply to uncles! Uncles can do the exact same things that aunts can do, including cooking and even going shoe

shopping! Numeroff blasts through stereotypes, helping children to see that aunts and uncles can all do the same types of things, and that they’re

all great fun to be with.

This tale is ideal for the pre-k to second grade set and is even a great gift for a soon-to-be aunt or uncle, or a person who is already an aunt or uncle! Any child who loves their aunt or uncle will have a great time reading this tale, especially if they are being read to by that aunt or uncle!

What Aunts Do Best


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