What a Bad Dream

For over forty years children have been entertained by the fun stories conjured up by Mercer Mayer. He has written countless tales and illustrated many pages, all of them a joy to read for both parents and children. His Little Critter series has been a success for decades, and parents – and even some grandparents – who read these as children are now reading them to their children and grandchildren. Good books like Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter series tend to live on forever. When Little Critter has a tough time in What a Bad Dream, though it starts out as one

of his own making. He transforms himself into a scary monster with sharp fangs and bat-wing ears. He won’t do anything he is supposed to. Go to school? No way! Take a bath? Phooey! Eat dinner? Only if it means a meal of fudge pops and pizza slices! Little Critter turns into a Little Monster, but because of his actions, it leads to an alarming consequence. His family goes away, leaving him all by himself. Now the dream has become a rather lonely place and now it is up to Little Critter to find out how to get out. Some picture books take great fun in adding fantasy to their pages, and Mercer Mayer does it with ease. Little Critter’s dream is at once fun and sweet, showing kids that even while Little Critter has a great time being a little nightmare, in the end he doesn’t want to be without his family. With a good ending, What a Bad Dream satisfies readers completely. Of course it wouldn’t be a Mercer Mayer book without his illustrations! Bright and goofy, kids will also keep their eyes peeled for Little Critter’s small friends, the spider and the grasshopper. They even make appearances in his dream,

hiding out behind little corners and sometimes sitting in plain sight. Infants, preschoolers, and kids up to 7 will have a great time reading this book with its minimal phrases and simple yet fun story. A great addition to anyone with a Little Critter collection.

What a Bad Dream

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