What’s Wrong with My Hair?

Almost everyone can say that they have had a bad hair day. But when you are a lion, you have a lot of hair to worry about. That is why the lovable character, Lionel the Lion from What’s Wrong with My Hair? decides to tame his mane before the big party.

Few other childrens books can compare to the funny, imaginative and charming tale of What’s Wrong with My Hair? When Lionel the Lion heads off to the barber he gets more than he bargained for. Full of ideas, the giraffe barber wants to give Lionel a new hairdo for the party. Each hairstyle introduced by the barber goes along with a potential party theme. One creative style, for a beach party, looks like a giant wave all around Lionel’s head.

The gorgeous illustrations draw you into the world surrounding the barber’s suggested styles. The spaghetti style hair, perfect for a dinner party, is surrounded by dining tables, waiters, other diners and of course the faithful barber offering his comments. Lionel the Lion’s long suffering facial expressions keep you hoping he finds the hairdo that is just right for him and his party.

The text is written using dialogue balloons which add to the whimsical appeal of the book. It is a great book for young children not yet ready to read on their own. The story can easily be understood through the bright and colorful illustrations. More experienced readers will enjoy the book for its endearing character Lionel and the playful images.

Not only does the story pull the reader in and the illustrations captivate the imagination but there is an interactive format of the book that is irresistible. Each page has a round opening where Lionel’s face fits into the new hairstyle. The reader can then have the opportunity to see themselves with all of Lionel’s new hairdos. What child young or old could resist such fun?

What’s Wrong with My Hair? is sure to become a bedtime favorite for any preschool or early elementary age child. It may become Mom and Dad’s favorite too.

What’s Wrong with My Hair?

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