Wet Friend!

Wet Friend!, by Tony DiTerlizzi, author of the wildly famous Spiderwick Chronicles, and his wife Angela, is a giggling good time. Written for toddlers and younger children, it explores the adventures of two friends, Meno, a likeable, bubble-headed young boy in a beanie, and Yamagoo, a floating jellyfish.

Wet Friend! is good, clean fun. It is the story of two friends wishing for a third how long does cialis take to kick in friend. But they don’t want just canada pharmacy online any friend; they want a wet friend. There’s nothing heavy here. It’s simply a cute and cuddly story that taking viagra with food the very young and their parents will adore. DiTerlizzi creates illustrations reminiscent of the 1940s and ‘50s. There’s a very retro feel to the bright pictures that will have grandpa and grandma selecting it to read to their favorite youngsters.

The author enjoys setting stories in past days and times when life was perhaps simpler than it is today. By doing this, knowingly or unknowingly, it makes the books fun for adults who remember those times as well. They will enjoy reading the story and relating their own memories to it for the benefit of their young listeners. In this way, several generations can connect. It is an all-purpose, multi-functional book who reaches out to anyone who picks it up.

This isn’t a book out to teach correct grammar. It’s just a fun story meant for anyone who has a sense of humor. The language is made up and this makes the book fun to read aloud. Children who struggle with words will enjoy the taking 2 cialis pills pronunciation guide to the silly invented words. It can also make them feel more at ease with their efforts and correct pronunciation with learning their everyday lessons. It can help http://genericcialis-rxtopstore.com/ give them the confidence to try.

Wet Friend! is the second book in the Adventure of Meno series for the very young. This series of children’s books is destined for a place on the viagra generic “Don’t Ever Give Away” shelf. Readers can look forward to falling in love with every one of the Meno books. The books can be an important friend to the reader.

Wet Friend!


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