Wemberly Worried

What do mice and a man named Kevin Henkes have in common? Kevin Henkes creates picture books featuring all sorts of mice that children quickly know and love. With his wonderful artistic skills, he draws the lovable little creatures with big ears and huge dreams. Colors are always light and chipper, adding to the positive atmosphere his stories carry.

Wemberly Worried is the story of one young mouse named Wemberly. What does she do? Well, worries of course! She may not be good at a lot of other things, but if there is something that she excels at, it is worrying! Worries about park benches being too rusty, concerns about her parents still being in bed late at night, issues about the chains on the swings and whether or not they’re sturdy enough. Everything under the sun is on her

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list of things to worry about. And now with school just around the corner, things become a nightmare! There are so many things that could go wrong on her first day. Even with her parents’ support, she is still concerned. It isn’t until she meets Jewel. Jewel is very much like her – she even has a doll that she carries around! With a friend like Jewel, suddenly the world doesn’t seem quite as scary, but she still worries from time to time, just not as much.

Henkes appears to have the ability to peer into children’s lives and bring their thoughts and fears to life, addressing them with his mouse companions and solving problems with great answers. Some adults may even feel nostalgic as they read these tales, remembering when they too used to worry about school and other things. Wemberly Worried is as cute as it is telling. The main mouse character has a little stuffed rabbit she carries around that has the same circle patch over her eye as Wemberly. He juxtaposes her oversized fears with what is really happening on the pages. Eventually it all smoothes out after Jewel comes into the picture, and once again, Henkes shows how a good friend can help another person in surprising ways.

Wemberly Worried

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