Welcome Comfort

For a pleasant cialis online pharmacy story on a cold night, curl up with your child, a cup of cocoa, and Patricia Polacco’s Welcome Comfort. It will put you and your child into the warm ease of happy times and delightful gifts, and a feeling of magic during the holiday seasons. Knowing that Santa Claus may be on his way with his reindeer and fantastic sleigh is a thrill in itself. Knowing that Santa Claus visits each and every child no matter who or where they are makes for an even better tale.

Welcome Comfort is not only the name of the book, but also the name of the foster child within its pages. He always seems to be moving from one home to another, never having a single place to call his own. He gets picked on at school too. Even when Christmas comes around he does not get excited. After all, he has no reason to. Without a home and a family, there are no presents to be had. No decorations to put up. No grand Christmas dinner to enjoy. And of course, no Santa Claus.

Then one day he meets Mr. Hamp, the school custodian. It is in Mr. Hamp that he finds he may have a friend, and through this friendship, he goes on a miraculous adventure when Christmas arrives.

Welcome Comfort is another tale by Patricia Polacco that brings hope and warmth to the forefront when a lonely boy discovers magic exists and has an amazing night. Polacco’s illustrations leap off the page in rich Christmas colors, from the deep blue sky to the plush red of Santa Claus’s suit. Kids ages 4 to 8 will enjoy the thrill of riding in Santa’s sleigh with this once lonely boy, and finding out what happens to him at the end once Santa sets him back on the ground.

Polacco strives to give kids a fun time and happy endings in her childrens books so that they open the book again and again. Parents will love to read this story to kids during the Christmas holidays, though it is just as good during wintry nights when the snow swirls outside just as it does in the book.

Welcome Comfort

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