Weird Parents

For decades, Audrey Wood has brought laughter and reading into the lives of children. Parents enjoy her books just as much as the kids, and many have found unexpected gems of wisdom hidden inside of the. You never know what you might get with an Au

drey Wood book. Though sometimes she enlists the help of other illustrators, such as David Shannon or even her own family (husband and son), Audrey Wood knows how to make delightful drawings of her own, and they are always enough to tickle any reader pink.

A young boy has a set of parents that always act a little wacky. He doesn’t know what to do about them. Sometimes his dad acts like a chicken. His mom blows him kisses and calls him “honeycakes” in front of all his friends. He’s so embarrassed! Do other kids have parents like this? He doesn’t think they do. Everyone else around him seems normal, but not his parents! Why is he the only one stuck with wacky parents?

In the end though, the boy learns that maybe it’s okay for

his parents to be strange. After all, they play games

together and they never get mad when he wins. They always tuck him into bed at night and give him hugs and kisses. They love him very, very much and he knows it – even if they are Weird Parents.

Wood’s illustrations also play a big part in this story, with full pages devoted to the parents and their son. Mom has frizzy hair and big flowery earrings while Dad has crazy corkscrew hair. Their clothing is colorful and totally out there, a complete reverse of the boy, who wears a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans.

This is an ideal book for any kid who thinks his or her parents are weird. Though the age range is 5 to 8, some parents may be inclined to purchase it for kids who are just a bit older for the message this children’s book sends out. Audrey Wood does a good job of balancing the love and the wackiness, showing the boy’s discomfort with them at school as well as his happiness when he is with his parents at home.

Weird Parents

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