Walt Disney’s Peter Pan

Walt Disney’s Peter Pan is practically a household name. His mystical tale about flying, fairies, pirates, and Indians has been around for years, given new life on occasion, but none more so than when Disney decided to make an animated film about it. Now almost everyone knows about the boy how had to chase his own shadow and the lovable characters such as Wendy, Michael, and Tinkerbell and all their misadventures together.

Now his story is available in the form of a Little Golden Book. This popular book series has given little children endless fun for perhaps as long as Walt Disney’s Peter Pan has. This Little Golden book recaps the story of Pan as he darts through Wendy’s window after his shadow. When he awakens the children, he asks if they would like to visit Neverland with him. With a sprinkling of fairy dust and plenty of happy thoughts, all the kids are off into the sky, to a bright star on until morning. In the magical world that is Neverland, they encounter the Lost Boys, Indians, and the notorious Captain Hook whose hand was fed to a big crocodile (along with a ticking clock!).

There is much to enjoy in picture books like this one. This Little Golden Book actually takes the original artwork found in vintage Disney storybooks that many adults remember from years ago. The Little Golden Book version allows them to give that same joy of artistry and storytelling to their children, only for a little cheaper, and more suited for enthusiastic hands. The illustrations have wonderful detail, vibrant colors, and overall contain that beautiful artwork of Disney that many adults still cherish and love.

Walt Disney’s Peter Pan has become a timeless classic, and now adults can pass on the joy of such a story to their children. When the movie itself isn’t available, this book will make for the perfect replacement. Ideal for children ages 4-8, but it’s likely that a few adults will sneak a peek inside its pages as well to relive those fun times when Neverland seemed so very real.

Walt Disney’s Peter Pan

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