Up, Up, Down!

Up, Up, Down! is the story of Anna who likes to climb. She tries to climb the refrigerator. She goes up-up-up-up-up—fall down! Mom warns her not to climb. Then she tries to climb her dresser and goes up-up-up-up-up—fall down! This time dad tells her not to climb. She goes outside and decides to climb a tree. She goes as far as she can, only to fall!

The next time, Anna is extra careful. She repeats the procedure—all the way to the top of the tree! Anna is so proud of herself that she refuses to come down from the tree when mom calls her. So mom tries to rescue Anna and climbs as much as she can—but the end result is the same! Dad tries to reach Anna, too. He climbs too, only to fall! When both parents have fallen to the ground, Anna looks down at her ailing parents and

feels bad. She climbs down. She

grabs her brothers and sisters and ten giant bandages and fixes everything up.

The lessons that this story imparts include the importance of not climbing up so high and out of reach that it can cause others to get hurt trying to save you. It is fun to climb; every kid knows that. Climbing can be a good adventure. It can also, however, be dangerous sometimes, too. Children should listen to their parents, but even when they don’t, the parents still love them and try to protect them. Children love their parents, too, and will try to fix anything that is wrong so their parents will be happy again.

Up, Up, Down! is a preposterous story that children will absolutely love. The repetition of the language and its funny sounds will entertain young children and be fun for older kids to read.

The type is set in such a way that it goes up and down the page.

Up, Up, Down! is filled with engaging illustrations that will keep children laughing all the way through. It is one of those children’s books that readers of all ages will turn to time and again. Any time parents are the underdogs, kids find it hilarious. This is such a fun-filled book.



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