Uncle Vova’s Tree

Certain stories embrace history and culture, entwining them with unique tales and warm outcomes. Patricia Polacco is an author who brings children stories they will not soon forget, no matter how many years go by. She brings in fresh prose matched up with her bright illustrations that show so much emotion they almost leap

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off the page. Uncle Vova’s Tree is yet another example of classic work by Polacco, and a story that will stick with youngsters long after the holiday season has gone. Christmas is an exciting time – especially since it means going to Uncle Vova’s house! He’s the best uncle any kid could have. When the holidays come around, he sings and dances for everyone, he takes them on a sleigh ride over the snow, and atoledo.com they always go to the beautiful tree growing near the house. It’s a very special tree. Vova and Svetlana planted years ago when they first arrived in America and created a home together. The entire family puts decorations on the tree. This way even the animals can enjoy a bit of Christmastime! But sadly, Uncle Vova passes away, and it seems as though next Christmas there may be no fun trimming of the tree. But when the whole family heads out to the tree, they’re astonished to see the animals decorating it! It’s a charming sight, and one that kids will delight in, with a lovely end to a fun children’s book. Polacco helps add vivacity to her story with her illustrations, making each page a feast for the eyes. From the exciting sleigh ride to the delicious creations on the table for the Christmas banquet. She uses pencils for the outlines and details in the animals, faces of the people, and more while the watercolors provide brilliant color, from the deep blue of the night sky to the bright streamers on the tree’s decorations. Meant for children ages 4 to 8, they will love cuddling up to mom and dad on cold wintry nights and read this story. It is especially poignant around the holidays and gives everyone a chance to remember how special family members are to one another.

Uncle Vova’s Tree

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