Twenty Four Robbers

For many, many years, Audrey Wood has created childrens books that everyone can adore and read over and over again. Occasionally she teams up with her husband, Don, or her equally talented son, Bruce, for their illustrative skills. But Audrey Wood

is just as good an artist and often does her own illustrations. She brings kids fun stories and occasionally educational ones as well, but always makes sure to incorporate a delightful tale into each and every one. Twenty Four Robbers takes a traditional skipping rhyme and brings

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never before. The robbers (and there are a lot of them!) all arrive at a peasant woman’s house. What do they want? Interestingly enough, they don’t want gold or jewels or money. They want food! And they have a very specific list too. They all want something different, from hot peppers to flour. The woman bustles about, giving them everything they ask for, though

a little surprised each time they appear. Finally, the bandits are moved by her willingness to give them everything they ask for that they cook up a feast for her! Twenty Four Robbers is great fun, teaching kids words through spelling them; “H-O-T…Hot Peppers!” even as it delivers a unique story they aren’t likely to encounter elsewhere.

Audrey Wood does all her own illustrations here, and there are plenty of robbers to count on the pages, giving parents the chance to challenge kids to find each and every one as

they hang from trees, tiptoe through the forest, or run through the open vales. The pictures are boisterous as the robbers jump around carrying torches and pulling along donkeys and practically bouncing all over the pages. The looks on the woman’s face shows her uncertainty (as the robbers do carry daggers, wear masks, and look a bit sneaky), and kids will find the strange situation she finds herself in a bit funny. After all, Twenty Four Robbers is a lot! Great for ages 2 and up, kids get the chance to learn to count, spell, and in general, have a good time.

Twenty Four Robbers

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