Truckery Rhymes

If you have every spent time with a little boy you know that most of them love trucks, the bigger and louder the better. But, the same probably wouldn’t be said of young boys and poetry. Until the book Truckery Rhymes came along. Now young boys and girls will love both. Don’t worry that a book about trucks will only appeal to boys; the residents of Trucktown are both male and female trucks. Girls will have their favorites too.

A modern twist to Mother Goose’s nursery rhymes, this book will capture the imagination of today’s generation of young readers and their parents. The 64 page book is filled with truck inspired renditions of classic rhymes and poems. The rhymes are silly, heart-warming and catchy. Young readers will be sure to find a favorite and soon will be heard chanting it from the back of the minivan.

Truckery Rhymes is the newest edition to the Trucktown series written by Jon Scieszka. Other Trucktown books include: Smash! Crash! and What a Wreck! The illustrations are a collaboration of some of the most talented illustrators in childrens books: Loren Long, David Shannon and David Gordon. The three illustrators are also collaborators on the other Trucktown series books. The cover illustration depicts a house made from a tire and filled with the lovable characters for the Trucktown series. It is a colorful and welcoming picture and beckons the reader to open the book.

Truckery Rhymes is sure to be a favorite for school story times. Children in preschools and elementary schools around the country will be gathering to hear these delightful tales. Children familiar with the characters of Trucktown will enjoy hearing more silly stories about their favorite trucks.

A bedtime favorite, this is a book that will be hard to put down once the giggling begins. Children and parents will beg for just one more to be read. If you are considering a new book for your child’s personal library or a gift for a friend, this book is a fabulous choice. It will open a child’s world to silly rhymes and verses filled with familiar friends.

Truckery Rhymes

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