Trouble Gum

Every child has had a day when they feel as though they have nothing to do. They wander around the house bored and butting their parents. This can often happen on a rainy day, and is exactly what happens to Ruben and his little brother Julius. Ruben and Julius are two little piglets who have nothing to do in the book Trouble Gum. It’s a rainy day and they’re bored out of their minds. Their grandmother, however, has got something that will keep them busier than any of them would ever expect – gum.

Ruben and Julius’ grandmother give them each some gum, and mom takes the time to remind them what they’re not supposed to do with it. They’re not supposed to swallow it, play with it, or “blow big, sticky bubbles” with their gum. Now most parents know that when you tell a child not to do something, their first instinct is to do exactly what they’re told not do to, and doing what they’re not supposed to do is irresistible for Julius and Ruben. The tale of Trouble Gum is all about how the two piglets get into trouble with their gum. They blow bubbles with it and they even get it in mom’s knitting! Then they have to figure out how to fix everything.

Author Matthew Cordell has written a number of well-received children’s books and makes his first solo appearance with the tale that follows two little pigs and their adventure with gum. Filled with hilarity and onomatopoeia that is bound to get both children and adults giggling, this is one story about a pig that is not what you would expect it to be. Children and grown-ups can laugh while Ruben attempts to teach Julius how to act like a “big pig”, but really winds up getting both of them in more and more trouble. Curl up with the story of Trouble Gum on a rainy day, or on any day where the children in your household feel as though they’re bored and have nothing to do. This way you’ll both be entertained and they won’t be tempted to act like Julius and Ruben.

Trouble Gum

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