Toby, Who Are You?

Toby, Who Are You? is

the third and final book of the Toby series by author William Steig. This is the final book because, unfortunately, Steig passed away after this book was completed. During his lifetime, his passion was writing stories for chil

dren – especially stories that offered meaning and value as well as fun and excitement.

In this darling little book, Steig continues the adventures of Toby, a fuzzy sprite of a character, and his very involved parents. Readers will remember Toby’s hide and seek antics as well as his shape-changing games. In this book, Toby takes a picnic with mom and dad and disguises himself as various animals.

Using the surrounding landscape and the picnic items, Toby does a hilarious job of camouflaging himself into many different creatures. He becomes a chameleon, a woodpecker and a snail, among others. Children

will have a ticklish time locating the shape-shifting Toby. He’s a bat; no he’s a pig; now Toby is a cobra. Is there no end to the talents

and disguises of this charming character?

As with any memorable children’s book, the illustrations add to the warmth and humor. Teryl Euvremer creates a soft-focus feel of cozy landscapes and loving family time. An excellent bedtime read for the whole family. Visual images add so much to the telling of a story, for small children as well as adults. Everyone can enjoy picturing the scene that words depict. The illustrations also have the ability to convey the expressions of love that exist between Toby and his parents. Children will want to read and look at the pictures in this book over and over again.

Other titles in the Toby series include Toby Where Are You? and Toby, What Are You? Each book gives Toby an opportunity for an entirely new set of adventures, at which Toby is always very good at. Toby’s loving parents are always accommodating his games and encouraging him to be creative. Toby certainly exercises his creative powers as he changes to resemble first one animal and then another.

Toby, Who Are You?


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