Toby, Where Are You?

Toby, Where Are You? shows the genius that is in every William Steig book. Steig, the author of the wildly popular Shrek! and the Caldecott Award-winning Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, has taken the simple game of hide and seek and elevated it to an art form. Every child loves to play this game at one time or another so they will immediately be able to relate to this story.

Toby, Where Are You? tells of an adorable weasel-like animal named Toby who plays a game of hide and seek with his doting parents. Toby’s parents are very patient as they search high and low, and all over their house to find him. The charm of the book is in Toby’s hiding spots. He disguises himself as a Tiffany lamp and takes refuge in a bowl of fruit. Toby is hiding on each page and children will delight in finding him. He’s not always so easy to find, and children and adults will giggle at some of the places they find him.

The illustrations by Teryl Euvremer are done in a soft, warm, inviting tone. This is a cozy story for moms and dads and kids to cuddle up with. Every age will enjoy playing hide and seek with Toby. Readers, adults and children alike, will delight in trying to find Toby’s new hiding place on each page – it’s like figuring out a puzzle. Children will wonder, Where will Toby hide next? You turn the page and see if you can find him. He’s very creative.

Toby, Where Are You? is the first in a series of childrens books about Toby. Other titles include Toby, What Are You? and Toby, Who Are You? Each of these books was written with love by an author whose primary passion was writing stories for children. At the end of the story, Toby is, of course, found safe and sound. When reunited with his parents, there are hugs and kisses and love to go all around. This book is a great story for children and parents to share together.

Toby, Where Are You?


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