Toby, What Are You?

William Steig and Teryl Euvremer pair up again for

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another in the Toby series entitled Toby, What Are You? Steig, best known for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Shrek! brought the game of hide and seek to new heights in Toby, Where Are You? This award-winning author has a passion for writing children’s stories that offer real meaning to the time

well spent with these books. This time, that loveable creature Toby makes a game out of having his parents guess what he is. He camouflages himself into everyday objects like a doormat and scissors. Children will delight in figuring out just what shape Toby will take on next. The parents take pains to guess correctly, but sometimes they are wrong. Children always like to know that adults also mistakes, so this is a nice little touch. The pillow-soft illustrations by Euvremer make Toby even more adorable. Kids will enjoy repeated readings of this book as they guess anew just what Toby is. Toby is very versatile, changing from a plate of spaghetti into a fly swatter. If you can think of it, chances are Toby can disguise himself as it. Children love playing games and this book is about exactly that. It will have the readers and/or listeners guessing what the next clue will hold. What’s Toby going to change into next? Something else children will get from this story is its since of mischief at all of Toby’s sly attempts to hide, having his parents try to guess what he is. Children will get the meaning of that word mischief and a sudden smile will pop to their lips as they recall their own adventures of mischief. They will be excited to see how Toby fares in his new game. Toby, What Are You? is the second in a series of picture books featuring Toby. Other titles include Toby, Where Are You? and Toby, Who Are You? The words and illustrations in all of Steig’s books strive to bring a purpose to children’s reading time, along with some fun and adventure.

Toby, What Are You?


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