Time for Bed

One of the most treasured times in many children and parents day is bedtime. A bedtime routine, when it has reading time added to it, can be a time for parents and children to both relax and to slow down at the end of the day. Reading a book that is fast paced at this time of the day can be something that keeps children from falling asleep easily. But reading children’s books that are slow paced and soft sounding is a great way to help them to get to sleep easily.

The story of Time for Bed is a tale that is perfect for children who are getting ready to go to bed. Written by author Mem Fox, a well-known and much loved author of children’s literature, this tale is all about a bunch of different types of different animals who are getting ready to go to sleep. As parents and children turn each page, they see different combinations of parents and babies, including sheep, birds, kittens, and fawns.

The rhyme scheme of the story is very soft and sweet, including phrases such as “it’s time for bed, little sheep, little sheep, the whole wide world is going to sleep”. This simple and uncomplicated rhyme scheme makes it ideal for even the very young of children, and is the perfect type of literature to read to a child who is getting ready to go to sleep.

Time for Bed is the perfect book to read at bedtime for children who are between the ages of two and six, although even children younger than two are often able to sit still through the reading and enjoy the beautiful pages that are filled with animals painted in watercolor, thanks to illustrator Jane Dyer.

Parents who are looking for a tale to read to their child to help them to drift off softly to sleep will enjoy Time for Bed, and children will enjoy the rhyme scheme and the beautiful artwork that is found on each page, making it a book that is even perfect for a beginner reader as well.

Time for Bed


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