Thunder Cake

With such a unique title, readers all over will wonder just what Thunder Cake is supposed to mean. Brought to parents and children all over by

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Patricia Polacco, a writer and illustrator of dozens of childrens books, this is one story kids may never

see coming and with some fun ideas behind it as well. A storm is brewing and that makes one little girl nervous. She doesn’t like storms, but her grandmother has an idea. She corrals her granddaughter into the kitchen and informs her that they are to start baking

– this is Thunder Cake weather! So as the storm approaches, the two hastily gather up the

ingredients they need in order to do some serious baking. All the hustle and bustle distract the girl and soon readers find out what grandmother’s true intentions were for baking during such a time. Many kids are afraid of dark storms and thunder rolling in the clouds. This is precisely what Patricia Polacco seeks to dispel. The story uses the grandmother to alleviate her granddaughter’s fears by offering up a fun time during the storm. It is a fun story that children will enjoy reading with parents and grandparents – perhaps even during a storm – and includes plenty of illustrations that are oddly distorted that can give it an extra sense of fun. Geese are tall, the grandmother is almost the same size as her cow; these things give it a bit of giggle-worthy quality that kids ages 4 to 8 can appreciate. Even better, Polacco offers up a recipe for the cake so parents and kids can get together when a storm rolls in and make their own delicious treats! With the distraction, parents might be able to use the story ideas to help kids with their fear of thunder and storms. Polacco brings in the kind of story that will stick with kids long after they’ve grown up, eventually bringing them back again should their children be afraid of storms as well. Be ready to read this over and over again, and make sure baking supplies are readily available, as kids will want to try out the recipe as soon as possible just to know what Thunder Cake tastes like!

Thunder Cake

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