There’s Something in My Attic

Mercer Mayer is an expert at crafting stories that kids gravitate towards. They remember them long after they have grown up, and many return to these same stories when they have children. Mayer writes his own stories and creates all the illustrations himself. Well-known for his Little Critter series, for kids that are a little older and need something a little different, There’s Something in My Attic can take on any fears of monsters they might have and turn them upside-down!

Usually Mayer creates tales that have boys as the protagonists, but here girls finally have a shot at a monster! There’s Something in My Attic features an intrepid girl with blond pigtails, complete with a cowboy outfit with boots and a hat. She knows that there is something scary living in the attic of her house, but her parents simply don’t believe her. Armed with a lasso, she intends to hogtie the monster herself and drag it down to show

her parents how wrong they are!

Much to her surprise, the monster isn’t very scary at all. In fact, he takes her teddy bear, hugs it close, and won’t give it back as he hides from her! This is far from what the girl expected, but she wants her teddy bear back, so she’s going to have to teach this scaredy-cat monster a lesson! Well, maybe.

As kids grow older, they can sometimes decide that their rooms are becoming scary. Childrens books such as this one fit in perfectly, giving parents a great way to show kids that rooms aren’t as scary as they think. By turning the potential monsters into creatures even more frightened than the kids who decide to stand up to them, youngsters will laugh and feel much better. Mayer creates amusing illustrations of a monster fussing and hugging a teddy bear in There’s Something in My Attic, and kids ages 4 to 7 are sure to have a good time reading this. A great story to read just before bedtime to ease kids of their fears and get them snuggled down in the sheets with giggles.

There’s Something in My Attic

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