There’s an Alligator Under My Bed

Mercer Mayer has been writing and illustrating picture books for over forty years. With the success of his Little Critter series and his other well-known books, kids and parents everywhere always have a great time when his titles come off the shelf

and open up in their homes. Always tons of fun and full of color and life, Mercer Mayer knows what makes families smile.

There’s an Alligator Under My Bed may seem scary at the start, but it won’t be long before kids roll over their beds with giggles and parents have a grand time reading this story aloud. Going to bed in this story is a tricky expedition, what with the giant gator under this boy’s bed! His parents have never seen it, and they don’t believe him when he tries to tell them about it. So he realizes it’s up to him to rustle out the gator! First he starts by leaving food trail from his bed all the way out to the garage door. Lured

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by the scent of tasty goodies, the gator gobbles them all up

with the boy sneaking along behind him. The moment the gator goes through the door –

BAM! The boy slams it shut after him and then returns to bed.

He makes

sure to leave a note for his father though, warning him about the gator. After all, if his dad can’t handle it, the boy already knows that he can!

Kids afraid at night will be able to appreciate what There’s an Alligator Under My Bed has to say. One little boy is able to outsmart the lizard hiding under there, so what’s a closet monster or creepy under-the-bed creature? With only a few lines of text gracing each page, Mayer’s story is succinct and easy to follow. Kids will have a great time being read to or learning to read this book. Mayer also provides plenty of full color illustrations, and watching the gator eat up all sorts of foods, including the “last piece of pie” will bring smiles to faces. Just right for kids 4 and up, and perfect just before bedtime to scary away any late night jitters.

There’s an Alligator Under My Bed

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