There Are Monsters Everywhere

Mercer Mayer knows just how to calm kids down when they start worrying about closet creatures and monsters under the bed and things that go bump in the night. With his other books featuring kids dealing with monstrous things, he takes the usual idea of frightening creatures and turns it upside down by making the mean monsters afraid of the kids! Mayer is an excellent creator of monsters and other things, as evidenced by his Little Critter series and various books dealing with childhood fears, such as this children’s book.

A young boy is less than pleased with his world – and his parents. Everywhere he goes, it seems there is a monster lurking somewhere. What’s worse, his parents don’t believe him! They don’t see any of the creatures that he does, so the boy finally realizes he is on his own. It’s annoying though, because they’re hiding out behind the shower curtain, near the trash can when he has to take out the garbage, under his bed, in his closet – they’re just everywhere! So when the boy sees a chance to take karate classes, he goes for it.

The next time those creatures appear, they’re in for a scare themselves, because the boy is ready and raring to go with his new karate skills. He’ll run those creepy things off in no time!

There Are Monsters Everywhere is a great book to help show kids the benefits of self-confidence and gives them a treat in seeing monsters afraid of kids for once. Mayer illustrates his own

books, using bright colors and a close attention to detail that kids will appreciate. Creatures have big noses and protruding teeth with spotted skin and each one has a different attribute, from little bat wings to spikes to tentacles. They look forbidding at first, but kids will soon be laughing when they see the boy jumping into action with his karate and the monsters practically stumbling over themselves as they try to escape his powerful skills.

A great read for kids 4 to 7, it can be an ideal story for bedtime, giving kids peace of mind before drifting off to sleep.

There Are Monsters Everywhere

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