The Tickleoctopus

Educational or whimsical, readers never know what they’re going to get when it comes to Audrey Wood’s picture books. Her stories have entertained kids for years, many of them now grown up and reading the same stories to their children. Wood often enlists the help of her husband Don to create wonderful illustrations that kids will remember for a long time. The two team up once again for a unique tale that will have kids giggling all day long.

Bup is a young caveboy who lives with his parents, about a million or so years ago. It’s not a very fun life. In fact, Bup doesn’t even know what fun is! He and his parents just hunt for food, make unhappy faces, shout, and do other not-so-fun things. Day in and day out they just do chores and pinch and shout. Until one day a strange creature with eight wiggling arms appears. The family is surprised, and even more surprised when this strange creature shows them something special. It shows them just how to have fun, and thus history was changed forever!

The Tickleoctopus is a wacky caveman style book that will surprise readers with its goofy caveman talk and storyline. Audrey Wood really delves into her imagination to bring a silly prehistoric tale to life. Bup and his parents say things like, “om na gahs” and “moog wump.” Bup’s mom has a huge bone through her nose and decidedly crazy snarled hair. Kids will wonder if this family can ever be happy. Who would have thought that something like a eight-armed animal could teach them how?

Of course, Don Wood’s colorful illustrations make The Tickleoctopus complete. The bright style with expressive faces on the cavemen and the curling, twisting arms of the delightful creature they meet can easily make kids point and laugh as they listen to the story. The end of the story adds in one more little surprise. As an entire family sits and watches television like bumps on a log, one boy sits off to the side and with him are a few pink tentacles…

The Tickleoctopus


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