The Terrible Plop

When you can’t see what’s going on, it’s natural to be a little wary, which is why many children (and some adults) are afraid of the dark. But what about in the sun? Is there anything to be afraid of on a sunny day? If you’re a rabbit in the wilderness there is! The story of The Terrible Plop tells all about it.

The tale starts with six little rabbits. “Six little rabbits, down by the lake, munching on carrots and chocolate cake”. The rabbits are scared out of their wits, however, when all of a sudden they hear a horrible sound – a loud plop! The children and adults reading along can instantly see what is making the plop sound, but the rabbits have no idea and begin to race away! Soon the entire woods is caught up in a frenzy about the plop sound, and everyone is wondering what kind of animals is making The Terrible Plop sound!

The rabbits eventually run across a bear, and only in childrens books could a bear like this exist. This bear is lounging in a chair and sunbathing! The animals swear to the bear that this plop is much fiercer than he is, and so he decides to see what, exactly, is making this noise. He grabs an unfortunate bunny and convinces him to take them both back to where the sound originated.

Children and adults will love not only the fun rhyme scheme in the book, which gives it a sing-song style that children generally love, but also the mixed graphics in the book, thanks to illustrator Andrew Joyner. Children will love that they know exactly what is making the plop sound, and that simple fact makes the animals running away silly instead of frightening. In the end, children can share the secret of The Terrible Plop with the brave bunny who brings the bear to where the sound came from. Filled with rhyme and a cadence that is very easy to get into, this story offers wonderful opportunity to read a book aloud to children that you’ll both enjoy.

The Terrible Plop


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